Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Letter to Reader's Digest

(The original article was posting in RD's February 2011 issue on page 158.)

Re: Introducing Your Newborn to Your Pet

While I certainly appreciate the tips this article provides for making
the transition of a baby to one's pets less tumultuous, it's
conclusion rather irked me. Basically Tracey Williams just concludes
that if you cannot get them to get along, just toss your pet out of
the house. How is it fair to an animal you have had quite possibly for
years to throw them away because you chose to have a child? Perhaps
you should have also mentioned - or created - websites like or suggested the local orphanage to throw your baby
away instead. After all, most people had the pet first and the baby
after. Besides, it's unlikely the baby will remember it anyway
whereas the animal will probably have anxiety issues the rest of its