Thursday, January 28, 2010

St Catharines Transit

The transit commission in St. Catharines, ON, recently decided to ban advertisements promoting veganism. In response I sent a strongly worded email. I suggest everyone do the same. Feel free to use any part of mine if you wish. For more background on the issue here is a link the St. Catharines Standard:


I am extremely disappointed that you decided to ban the advertisements
that were submitted by Niagara Action for Animals promoting veganism.
They were not graphic in any way (unlike some other ads you put on
your buses). In fact, they are quite cutesy!

You put advertisements of a sexual nature, for other advocacy groups,
religious advertisements, etc. yet you disallow this one? Maybe the
message in the ads you banned is something you should think more about (i.e. cognitive dissonance). I'm guessing some of you own - or have
close relationships with people who own - animal exploiting
industries? I mean, good grief! Talk about absolute prejudice and

I'm a Brock student and if it wasn't mandatory to pay for the bus
pass, I would not pay to use your service based on your ignorance
displayed over this incident!


Stephen Grant

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