Friday, May 7, 2010

Lots of News

Sorry to anyone who has been disappointed in my lack of postings in the past several months. I have been very busy completely my university semester and planning a rather extensive move.

For those of you who haven't already heard, I have relocated from Hamilton, ON, to Fredericton, NB. This was to accompany my wife so that she could transfer within her company and be closer to her parents and immediate family.

So far I am enjoying it here, even though I am relatively bored. The weather hasn't been the best - having rained almost every day. Although on the opportunities I have been able to venture outside, the scenery is absolutely lovely. We live on a hill overlooking the St. John River, and are surrounded by forests. We just discovered a walking trail that used to be an old apple orchard. All the trees are covered in moss and lichens, mushrooms and animal life abound. This already seems to be a much more bio-diverse region than that practically dead-zone of Hamilton.

So far I am looking for jobs to supplement our income. While we forecasted our living expenses on my wife's income alone, having more income can't necessarily hurt (even if it does contribute to a capitalist society). However, I am still trying to maintain some semblance of my ethics, only applying for positions that would not require the use of animals or animal products. I also figure, even though I am taking a substantial pay decrease, I will probably enjoy a job here more than my former work, and also see it as an opportunity to stop supporting the government; since my income will most likely be too low to require paying taxes. I am applying at health food stores that cater to vegans and organic foods, used clothing and electronic stores, produce departments of grocery stores and garden departments of hardware stores.

I am continuing my degree in Biology at UNB, and have a feeling I will have a lot less problems than I am currently having with Brock. I have received drastically lower grades in one course in particular that has resulted in a overall mark of 65%. This is a good 10+% lower than all my other courses, and have a feeling that unfair marking may have influenced this. I am currently appealing the grade. However, I am pleased with all the other marks I have received so far. 80% in Plant Physiology, 80% in Bioethics, 78% in Fungal Biology (which meant I received a 90+% on the final exam!), 78% in Chemistry, and have yet to hear about my Ecology grade yet.

I will keep everyone apprised of further life-changing or informative events as they should arise.

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